Sandra Turnbull ArtistMy work comes from a deep sense of compulsion. The emotion bleeds through the colour and the images find their way to the canvas.

Buddhas are the obsession. Research in China inspired this body of work. WIP. Cut and Paste , collage and mixed media . WIP.

Previously concentrating on from the human figure where my fascination lay, always looking for new ways to present the nude. Peering at sexuality through a female eye, I question beauty and its distortion, pushing the boundaries , looking to evoke a reaction. Snapshot moments remain, prompted by an emotion, colour, shape, a sound.

I continue the endless exploration between what we think and feel and what we actually chose to say and expose to others; the inevitable gap that Art serves to bridge. In our current time it is difficult to move people – the conscious mind can be a saturated place. The world has become a battleground and self preservation prevails. I believe that creating Art is an uncontrollable desire to express an explosive emotion. In my work there’s often an etherial defiance in the confrontational figures. The vibrant colours, offset framing and humour are tools to lead you into your emotions. Adding collage to the repertoire , brings another dimension to the work.

Before becoming a full time artist, I worked in the music industry, managing talent including Eurythmics, Shakespeare’s Sister and Londonbeat. Since then I have spent time studying the body; through yoga, pilates, martial arts and Iaido, a practice that helps develop freedom of mind and body. Through strict discipline I am learning to keep the mind fluid and loosen the confines of outer reality.

I believe painting can alter our mood and open a dialogue with the unconscious mind. The viewer responds from a deep place or moves on. It’s all alright. For me, creating and viewing Art is about letting go, abandoning restraint and just being in themoment.

ST 2013

Comfort to the soul, Inspiration to the senses, Sustenance from one moment to the next, – these are the morsels we all crave, Takashimaya

Sandra Turnbull

Artist Profile – SANDRA TURNBULL
by Kay Blake of Collage Arts. London September 2005